Cash Transit Services

KayJay Security Services provides total cash management solutions that protect the valuable cash during logistics. KayJay Cash Solutions combines everything we know about cash handling and security. Our infrastructure is more secure, our technology’s smarter and our partnerships with banks are deeper. It all comes together to keep your cash flowing smoothly, swiftly and safely around your business. It’s not easy making sure the right money is safely in the right place at the right time. We will take care to handle cash in a reliable way. The cash services segment is gradually evolving as a key and fast-growing service offering within the private security services industry.

The services we provide include:

  • Armored vehicle collection and delivery service

  • ATM replenishment: Involves providing cash replenishment and first-line maintenance services for ATM networks of banks

  • Cash-In-Transit (CIT): Involves movement of cash and high value items within a bank’s branch network.

  • Non-armored secure transport.

  • Cash counting and processing.

  • Cash Pickup and Delivery (CPD): Involves secure pickup & delivery of cash and cheques for large corporate houses & their business outlets.

Why choose KayJay cash services?

Kayjay having the experience in providing cash handling facilities for many years have now geared our services with modern technology of GPS tracking of all the vehicles involved in cash operations. This will enable us as to monitor the vehicle movements at any given time of the day. With the long years of experience we have, we will be provided with a very professional job to your entire satisfaction. For all our personal who are in the cash management team we have obtained a due diligence by our personal division. We will make sure the right money is safer in the right place at the right time.


  • Save time with quick cash processing

  • Your employees time is not wasted in bank queues


  • The most sophisticated armored vehicles

  • No risk on your employees

  • Your cash is secured from the moment we touch it


  • We set our SLAs high and we meet them

  • We turn up when we say we will

  • Year-round service: weekends, out of hours – just ask and we’ll be there


  • Order cash when you need it; choose your collection and delivery slots

  • Quality customer service support, including out of hours


  • Our solutions integrate seamlessly into your electronic point of sale

  • Eliminate the risk of uninsured losses;

  • Reduced insurance cost

  • Cut the cost of processing, transaction and admin


We operate an in-house vault in our premises and at present are being used by few of our clients and a reputed Bank for their collection and Central Bank transfers. Our total facility includes collection of funds from your nominated client, sorting and bundling of the collected funds and transferring to the Central Bank and holding the balance in our vault overnight.


The vault is constructed according to the UL Class 2-6 with an Alpha door to the same standards. The following additional security features are available in the vault premises.

  • Access control system
  • Heat or smoke sensor inside vault
  • Motion sensors
  • Emergency telephone and /or panic /hold-up alarm
  • CCTV camera coverage to monitor vault access covering 24 hrs and recordings
  • Door contact-magnetic (electric) sensor
  • Locking day gate (Grill gate)
  • Duel control locking system
  • Emergency lights
  • Central Monitoring Station (CMS)

Twenty four hours Central Monitoring Station (CMS) links customer CCTV, GPS and alarm systems to a central location. This center delivers unprecedented integrated safety and security to client sites, vehicles and to our vault by linking surveillance, building management and alarm systems. On an emergency they will communicate with the local police, hospitals, fire stations and a special armed guard service team. Also Our GPS Vehicle tracking system is monitored 24 hour shift basis from this location.