Our Solutions

Retail,Restaurant and Supermarket sector

"Kay Jay Security Personnel are generally perceived as providing static guarding services, however they also have the proven ability to fulfill an expert customer services role." The present day´s retail customers demand more from their shopping experience: more time, more choice and more information. The staff employed to protect your store and its staff must also be able to act as your ambassadors by enhancing the retail experience for shoppers, therefore attracting new visitors. Kay Jay have the expertise and resources to provide the calibre of trained personnel that meet the needs of such positions.

In Retail Stores we provide

  • Retail trained officers
  • In-store civil detectives
  • Civil recovery management
  • Electronic security solutions (CCTV, Access control)

Shopping Centers we provide

  • Customer service officers
  • Guard tour patrolling
  • CCTV monitoring and Control room staff
  • Footfall analysis

Special events

Kay Jay knows that unique events require unique security solutions. We can provide the appropriate solutions for one-off occasions such as sporting and entertainment events.

Kay Jay can provide security for special events, including

  • Large sporting events
  • Exhibitions
  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Conferences

Public sector (Banking, Hotels, etc)

If your security team is dealing with the public 24 hours a day, you have to be confident that they are recruited and trained to the highest possible standards. The public's perception of your organisation will be determined in part by the attitudes and behaviour of your security team. You expect them to treat the public with empathy and understanding and to react professionally to any security situation. Kay Jay has over thirty five years experience in providing security teams to the public sector in a wide variety of roles. The general public expect our officers to be able to cope with any situation, large or small. So at Kay Jay, we have ensured our recruitment, screening and training standards are designed to meet these expectations.

We provide security personnel for:

  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Courts
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Museums and Art Galleries

Industrial sector

The first person a client will speak to when visiting an office is a member of the security team. Their impressions of that company, and their culture, are formed on the basis of that first exchange. Kay Jay has many years of experience in providing security teams that meet these exacting requirements, and of ensuring that a clients first impressions are highly favourable.

We provide guarding to the following Industrial sectors:

  • Residential guarding
  • Garment factories
  • Factories FTZ
  • Tea industries
  • NGO & Embassies
  • Hotels
  • Warehouses
  • Large/small offices
  • Showrooms
  • Bare lands

TSS Solution

Objectives of TSS

  • Reduction in Operation Cost. (Reduce Man Power)
  • Using new technology for Security.


  • Deployment of Trained Security guards
  • Implementation of electronic security systems
  • Implementation of central monitoring officers and a CMS station at site
  • Constant supervision
  • Prompt and effective after sales services

Before TSS

Replaces with TSS

CMS Job Role

  • CCTV monitoring is to be done continuously 24 hrs on shift.
  • The observer should be well familiarized with the places where cameras are located and having adequate knowledge about the camera operations.
  • The operator should check the serviceability of all cameras and if there is any unserviceability it is to be informed to Kay Jay Head Office & it is to be rectified immediately and should observe previous readings for any unusual occurrences detected through CCTV.
  • The operator should maintain Daily Occurrence Book (DOB) and if there is any special occurrences relating to CCTV, it is to be noted.
  • Any absence of security officers for the assigned duties or lacking in performing their duties if observed, it is to bring to the immediate notice of the security OIC.
  • If the camera sights are obstructed by any objects (such as trees) or defocused it should be cleared with the help of Client management.
  • Unauthorized personnel are not allowed to CCTV monitoring cabin and not to disclose information to outsiders.
  • The CCTV observers should have sufficient knowledge to understand the emergency situation (eg : fire / smoke) the operator should act as per the instructions.

OIC Job Role

  • Prepare a Duty Roster for the Month/ Week
  • Ensure all Guards Follows the roster
  • Ensure all guards are working to the proper time
  • Keep the proper cadre available

Benefits of TSS

  • Electronic Evidence, Footages will be available for all moments.
  • Constant Supervision and increase in security productiveness.
  • If the company go with KJE Rental Program there won’t be any initial cost for the Electronic Security System.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly surveillance reports (Security Guards Moments, Vehicle In-out report, suspect moments report) will be generated as per clients’ requirement by CMS officers.

Industries We Cover

  • Electronic Security Services
  • Armed Transport Services
  • Residential Protection Details
  • Corporate Protection Details
  • Wage packet Services
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Residential Complexes
  • Corporate Buildings
  • Loss Prevention
  • Retail Venues
  • Parking Lots
  • Government institutions
  • Night Patrol
  • Hotel Security

Security Consulting

  • Physical Safety and Security Tours of Each Property
  • Review of Incident Reports & Other Foresee-ability Issues
  • Property Manual Review and Preparation
  • International Travel Security Consulting & Protection Service
  • Review of Property Security Procedures and Equipment
  • Management and Employee Safety & Security training
  • In-house Security Rules and Procedures